Generally, social service organizations focus on empowering people by teaching them about personal development and self-sustainable community initiatives, while NCC is focuses on the development of youngsters towards the National Security and Defense. Likewise NSS is built on the foundation of Social up-liftment of the society; FOP is committed to develop the full potential of a person as a compassionate leader.

It aims at a holistic approach in helping him in his personal growth by offering activities such as tai-chi, meditation and others.

In its FOP multimedia training, the participants are introduced to …

  1. Capacity Building
  2. Community Learning and Development
  3. Legal Literacy
  4. Learning Civic Responsibilities

As a citizen, each individual has responsibility towards other citizens, society in general, the community they live in, and most importantly the environment.

In short, FOP Training Centre offers skills in informing, inspiring, teaching and empowering both the public at large, Police personnel and students.

FOP has conducted more than 70 workshops (5 workshops per year) in the last 14 yrs spread over 30 districts and 7 Commissionarates in Tamilnadu.  

A special focus on students in colleges has been a great boon to FOP’s journey and a specific training module has been designed for the students which involves;

  1. Leadership skills
  2. Alcoholism and Drug addiction
  3. Road safety rules
  4. Legal awareness
  5. Basic human rights and child rights
  6. Value education

In furtherance of the tremendous success achieved through the Queen’s Award Training Programme, the Tamil Nadu government has extended the Multimedia Training programme for Police personnel and Friends of police in all the 37 Districts (30 Districts and 7 Commissionerates) of the State of Tamilnadu. 



Research and Outreach Programs

FOP's brief is to undertake research work aimed at communities, spanning out community needs, spreading knowledge about our FOP movement to bigger and diverse audiences. Community service has always formed the heart of the FOP. Through her contributions, she has been trying to enrich the larger community, live out their own values and become active and caring at the core of their beings. She has availed herself of chances to explore opportunities to give them back through her outreach programmes, which are:

  • Human Rights Literacy.
  • Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • Community Empowerment through Financial Literacy and awareness, Community Policing, and Economic Offences.
  • Community Policing Programmes for Slum Areas.
  • Community Intervention to tackle Drug Menace
  • Teaching Leadership Skills
  • Shifting the paradigm of Policing from the  ethos of Policing to the ethos of empowerment
  • FOP Training Programmes for members of Central Association of Private Security Industry
  • Observing International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction introduced by UN-ISDR (United Nations Office for International Strategy for Disaster Reduction) on 13 October every year.
  • Collaboration with International Justice Mission to eradicate bonded labour.
  • Collaboration with iNautix Technologies on building a FOP unit with IT employees.
  • Project Proposal for starting FOP Campus Safety Units in Higher Education Institutions as prescribed by the UGC
  • Project Proposal for "Information & Training Centre for Disaster Risk Reduction"


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