List of publications on FOP

  • Whither Police Reform in India: a compendium of essays (Sponsored by BPR&D, New Delhi)
  • Reciprocal roles of Police, Security Forces, Media & General Public in War against Terrorism. ( Sponsored by BPR&D, New Delhi)
  • Second National Level Essay Competition on “Terrorism " in collaboration with BPR&D, FOP, Tamil Nadu & Commissioner of Museums on Tuesday 22 December, 2009 at Museum Theatre Hall, Egmore,Chennai.
  • FOP Scam Buster Programme - Dr. Prateep V. Philip
  • AWAS - A Woman, a Sister scheme. - Dr. Prateep V. Philip
  • Report on activities of FOP-Loyola College Unit for the year 216-17. Photographs included. 

List of publications authored by Dr. Prateep V. Philip

  • Friends of Police Movement- Texas Police Journal 1995. 
  • Friends of Police Movement- Law and Order Management Magazine, USA 1996. 
  • Friends of Police Concept - The Police Journal, UK 1996. 
  • Friends of Police Movement- The Criminal Justice, Europe. 
  • An Innovative Concept to Sensitise Police Personnel - Texas Police Journal. 
  • An Innovative concept to Sensitise Police Personnel- Australian Police Journal. 
  • Friends of Police Concept - National Police Academy Journal. 
  • The Friends of Police Movement - National Journal of Criminology. 
  • Friends of Police who help build bridges – “The Hindu” National Daily. 
  • Articles on Friends of Police as an Innovative concept also published in the CRPF Journal, Surakshe, AP Police 
  • Journal, The Police Journal BPR&D, CBI Bulletin. 
  • The Power of Equilibrium Thinking- Monitor, 1998.
  • Equilibrium Thinking-A Method of Enhancing Emotional Intelligence- CID Review, Tamil Nadu –Chennai, 2002.
  • Equilibrium Thinking as a Method of Crime Prevention and Disorder Control-All India Prison Souvenir, 2002.
  • Equilibrium Thinking –a Method of enhancing Emotional Equilibirum - Humane care Journal –2003.
  • Shifting the Paradigm from Existence to Excellence- Management in Government Journal-India,2000.
  • The Police Journal, published in England Vol. LXIX number 2, April-June 1996.
  • Accepted for publication in the Law and Order Management Magazine, USA.
  • Criminal Justice Europe Vol.5, Number 6, pps 11-13, November-December 1995
  • Texas Police Journal - Vol.43, November 1995, pps 11-15.
  • Also published in Indian Police Journal, NPA Journal, Indian Journal of Criminology,    Suraksha, Karnataka Police Academy Newsletter.


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