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Any member of the public who is not involved in any civil or criminal case can become a "FOP". He / She only have to send a letter to the Superintendent of Police giving his name, age, and address and pledging his friendship. The chief of police after verifying the antecedent of the applicants through the special Branch and the local police stations will admit them as FOPs.

  1. Friends of Police should be in the age group of above eighteen years.
  2. Friends of Police should have completed their tenth standard.
  3. Friends of Police should not involve in political activities.
  4. Friends of Police should not have any criminal history.
  5. Friends of Police should be in a position to allot time to involve in public service.
  6. Friends of Police should be in a position to maintain good relationship with the public as well as the police personnel.
  7. Friends of Police should have contact relationship with the nodal officers of their police district.
  8. The FOP s should understand that it is a voluntary movement and hence should not expect any monetary benefits for their services either from the police or from the public.
  9. Friends of Police should be in a position to identify the problems in their locality through youngsters, senior citizens, women etc.
  10. Friends of Police should be in a position to create awareness on the existence of the FOP movement to the public.

DO’s and DON’Ts


  • Community Service
  • Follow safety and Traffic rules
  • Lend a helping hand
  • Follow principles of Honesty, Punctuality, and dedication
  • Assist the Police in preventing crime
  • Assist the Police in maintaining law and order
  • Assist the Police in Traffic regulations
  • Give useful suggestions to solve local problems
  • Protect your own property
  • Help create awareness
  • Help the needy
  • Be aware of your rights and duties
  • Be available for service


  • Don't go to police station with a recommendation.
  • Don't get involved in anything unlawful.
  • Don't be party to any dispute.
  • Don't personally criticize any individual Police officer
  • Don't openly fight anti-social elements.
  • Don't practice any bad habit.
  • Don't get involved in any political activity
  • Don't misuse your status as FOP
  • Don't be involved in collection of funds or donations
  • Don't be inactive as FOP but live up to the ideals and ideas of FOP.


The target is to enroll at least 10% of the total population in the area as FOPs. But each FOP must join voluntarily. If every group of 50 FOPs introduce the next 50 and so on, eventually a few thousands will be enrolled in every police district leading to network of FOPs all over the nation and the world.

An important caveat is that no FOP shall misuse their new identity. Involvement in a criminal case will lead to automatic disqualification as FOP. This in itself acts as a check on the number of persons joining the ranks of antisocial and criminal elements. Becoming a FOP gives a sense of identity and identification with the police. It helps to sublimate and realize the "inner policemen" in every individual that draws him to the police.

The advantages of being a FOP are;

  • Performance enhancer
  • Image enhancer
  • Crime control
  • Force multiplier
  • Education of the public


FOP is registered JGO and for our projects, trainings and events, we are completely supported funding by the respective State governments and corporates through their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 

Indian law now requires companies to give 2% of their profits to charity. So, a corporate can donate with open arms, as an opportunity to make a difference in Community Policing which will help FOP build a safer neighborhoods and society.

Benefits of Being Socially Responsible:

  1. Good Samaritan: Apart from doing noble deeds in your daily lives, your corporate will also act as a Good Samaritan by donating 2% of its profit and not breaking the law.
  2. Social Media Marketing: We will make sure to promulgate your good name through our Facebook and Twitter page. It is our job to make mass aware that somewhere there is a corporate that apart from making profit, is also going to great extent to help build a safer society.

We, FOP appeal all the corporate to provide their best support to us and help our initiatives through your CSR activities.


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